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Silver holy king once again won the "love enterprise" title

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Morning of August 21, 2014, "love student, we are in action" donation ceremony held in the district federation of trade unions, deputy secretary of the district party committee standing committee once month, district people's congress and deputy director of the district federation of trade unions chairman Cao Qinglin attend and speech, city federation of trade unions on leadership, 18 enterprises/institutions on behalf of love, and more than 100 outstanding students to participate in poverty. The donation ceremony, the king of silver st company dedicated love, a total of 10 docking good poor students, to help their college dream. We enami, vice President of the union representatives silver holy king with the donor students together, share the summer and autumn sowing hope.


Recipient ceremony a number of poor college students obtain 3000 yuan per person, love these money and goods by 18 enterprises/institutions donations, to help poor students to college. District federation of trade unions to love enterprises/institutions awarded honorary MEDALS, thank donors spirit of great love without borders. Silver SAN wang jie has limited company unions called for positive response area, funded ten was admitted to the key and a difficult family children, 2 colleges, help them to successfully enter the university gate.


Conference, enami speaking as a representative of the enterprise and took a picture and the donor's students, encourage students to cherish the hard-won opportunity, work hard and unyielding, efforts to achieve their dreams in life, to be pregnant with a grateful heart, will pass down the positive energy, have learned something for his hometown after construction and the progress of the society to make their due contribution.

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